Data Privacy and AI Risk Intelligence Reports

Save months of time and increase the consistency of reporting standards by using DataGrade's risk intelligence reports. Let us do the digging so you can focus on the thinking.

Time Consuming, Cost Intensive & Complex

Eliminate Months of Work, Increase Attention to High Value, Strategic Operational Needs

Step 1

Search Public Information

Visit a vendor's website, pull all the policies and documentation available, look for security certs, try to find contact information for the privacy officer.

Step 2

Perform Digital Forensics

Dig through network traffic, pull data breaches from expensive APIs, look through government websites and news reports for data breaches or other risky behavior

Step 3

Contact Company

Realize there are limitations to what's possible with public information alone, pulling from APIs leads to technical hurdles, and sometimes you just need to verify with a human

Step 4

Compile Documentation

Take everything you've learned, put it together into a spreadsheet to share with your team and document for later, realizing that this spreadsheet will automatically become unusable in the future

Step 5

Approval Process

After reviewing all the documentation, comparing it against previous years and/or competitive products, make a subjective decision about risk based on your professional experience

Stop Repeating The Past

Aggregating the appropriate signals of data privacy and AI risk necessary to perform third-party risk assessments is complex, tedious, and cost-intensive. Structuring it into a useful, standardized report that can be shared with clients, team members, and executive leadership is even harder.

Our risk intelligence reports enable fast, comprehensive assessment of third-party data privacy and AI risk.

What's It Do?

Data That's Hard To Find, Even Harder To Aggregate

Our Snapshot reports provide everything you need to perform due diligence on all of your vendors in a fraction of the time.

Vendor Inventory

Discover Vendors Previously Unknown

According to Verizon's Data Breach Investigative Report, more than 62 percent of data breaches are caused by interactions with a third-party service provider, and experts believe that is conservative. How well do you know your vendors? Our vendor report provides you with insight into all of your vendors, their vendors, and beyond.

Contact Information

Get The Contact Info You Need to Operate Faster

Can't figure out how to get in touch with the privacy office at a company? Tired of digging around sourcing websites? Search our directory instead of digging around the web trying to find information about how to get in touch with any vendor and their privacy representatives.

Data Center Mapping

Quickly Identify Where Data Centers Are Today

Knowing where your data is stored reduces data privacy and data transfer risk across the globe. Whether processed or controlled, we have mapped out companies data centers, as well as the data centers of their vendors, making it easy for you to understand where your data is being stored.

Data Breach Activity

Access Previous Breach Activity For Insights

We pull from, and aggregate, multiple data breach archives providing you with all the publicly available breaches we can find so you can make a better assessment about how much you can trust a company with your data.

Policy & Notice

Accelerate Policy Discovery and Review

Stop chasing down policies and reading each one individually to check for the differences. Our policy analysis system will help you keep up to date and understand what risks are involved in the way the policy is written, what might be missing, how long it will take to read and comprehend, and other critical info to assess risk.

Vendor Comparison

Easily Make The Switch To Lower Risk Options

Defining risk within your existing vendors is enough work, forget about having to ever do procurement risk assessments again. Leverage our database to connect common products with their alternatives and all the information you need to make informed decisions about switching to privacy-enhancing tools.

Case studies

Operate Faster, Increase Earning Potential And Provide Better Services to Clients

Professionals using DataGrade are seeing anywhere from 40-70% efficiency gains on their discovery and assessment work, at 30-50% the cost. Join our satisfied customers who have embraced DataGrade as their co-pilot.

As a privacy attorney, DataGrade’s services have been invaluable. I needed DataGrade’s assistance to assess the risk involved with a client's data operations, and DataGrade’s report cards helped me reduce my diligence work to a fraction of the time and headache I'd normally experience!  Truly an amazing customer experience!

Collin Walke

Special Counsel, Hall Estill

As a data privacy consultant to companies of all sizes, the number of vendors I have to assess in any given year is only growing larger with time. DataGrade is going to save me months of work, allow me to focus on higher-value risk analysis, and boost my earning potential. I'll be shouting about DataGrade to everyone in my network!

Nalini Kaplan

CEO & Founder, ReThink Trust