Our Team

The People Making It

Our team has a wealth of expertise, unwavering creativity, and a shared vision to drive  change and redefine the way privacy is understood across the internet.

Joe Toscano
CO-Founder & CEO

CEO and Founder of DataGrade, Joe is a former Google Experience Design (XD) consultant turned privacy advocate. You may have read his book, Automating Humanity, seen him as a Featured Expert in Netflix's The Social Dilemma, or watched his TED Talk, “Want to work for Google? You already do

Julio Soria

Julio brings 25+ years of experience building/leading cross functional teams in finance, operations, enterprise sales and value consulting in enterprise software. Executive leadership roles in Latin America, Europe and the USA. Since 2018 Julio has executed C-suite roles leading startups on strategic roadmap planning and market-making to achieve escape velocity.

Tad Hunt
Chief Technical Officer

Tad Hunt brings global expertise in software development and startup growth to our team. Tad brings more than 25 years of software engineering/DB architecture experience, including leadership roles across Bell Labs, Ericsson Consulting, and Google AI. He's helped launch more than 30 companies that have combined for billions of dollars in aggregate revenue across various industries.

Peter Herzog
Chief RESEARCH Officer

Pete Herzog founded The Institute for Security and Open Methodologies (ISECOM), a global organization he co-founded to research security, trust, and privacy in people, networks, systems, and processes. He has advised NATO, as well as Fortune 100s and brings a wealth of security knowledge to DataGrade.

Imani Thompson
Product Manager

Imani is a passionate privacy professional with a strong dedication to making a positive impact in the world. She has extensive research and work experience in public policy and bioethics spaces, and she is now one of our product managers and policy SMEs.

Bas Sondag

Bastianus is a Software Engineer who is dedicated to building awesome customer privacy experiences and making privacy more understandable for everyone. With a focus on Full Stack development, he enjoys connecting the loose ends in the no-code stack and connecting APIs.

Board & Advisors

The People Behind Us

Our world-class advisors represent an unparalleled source of expertise for our team to learn from. With illustrious backgrounds and a shared commitment to excellence, they guide us in shaping a better internet. Their invaluable insights drive our success.

Board Member

Barbara Sondag

As a Senior Associate General Counsel at Intuit, Barbara leads the privacy governance team that builds key programmatic processes to ensure compliance with global privacy laws and regulations.

Principal Advisor

Kari Kelly
Kelly-Simmons, LLP

Kari is a problem solver with legal experience in privacy, data security, and data ethics. Trained in the U.S. and Europe she brings a deep understanding of how legal strategy and regulation impact business.

Principal Advisor

Liz Coker

With more than 30 years of experience, including patented technology in the data privacy space, Liz brings a vast knowledge of operational value. She is passionate about the respectful, transparent and ethical use of data.


Richard Whitt

An experienced tech attorney, advisor, and strategist. With more than twenty years in tech policy, including eleven at Google and eleven at MCI working with Federal regulators, Richard possesses uniquely deep, broad, executive expertise.


Mark Wells

VP, Innovations & Solutions, DevSecOps Center of Excellence at Octo. With more than twenty-five years of experience leading technology teams within the United States government Mark brings technical knowledge to help scale any company.


John Street

John Street has CEO experience across multiple industries, including telecom, IT, and biotech. He has led his current venture, Pax8, to more than $3 billion dollars in valuation. His guidance assists with Managed Services, Channel Development, Business IT Systems, and Sales.


Sekhar Sarukkai
UC Berkeley

Technologist, entrepreneur, educator, and investor. Founder of startups including Skyhigh Networks (McAfee), Securent (Cisco), Confluent (Oracle), and Micrograam. Previously at Nasa Ames and HP Labs.

We're Hiring!

Join our team and be a driving force in transforming the internet for the better. We work every day to reduce digital ambiguity on the internet and increase data literacy worldwide. We're hiring individuals who are passionate about data privacy, transparency, and creating a safer online environment. Together, we'll work towards ensuring data is handled responsibly.  Let's make a difference together!