What is it?

DataGrade is a risk analysis platform designed to benchmark the internet's privacy practices. Our grading system examines the relational risk between data transactions online.

What does it do?

DataGrade helps companies identify ways to reduce risk and increase defensibility of their data operations by automating vendor due diligence and providing risk-based suggestions on how to improve

Who does it help?

DataGrade serves companies of all sizes and we've found it especially valuable for companies with 50-500 people that have limited or no budget for a full-time data protection team or officer.

Risk Analysis

What Do We Analyze?

Our database consists of a wide variety of B2B information and social signals that provide a risk intelligence understanding unlike any other tool on the internet.

Broker Registeries
Corporate Info
Data Breaches
Data Centers
Data Points
Fines & Actions
Global Benchmarks
Industry Benchmarks
News & Media
Policies & Notices
Third Party Access
User Complaints
Product Overview

Make Informed Decisions Using Our Risk Analysis

The average company has more than 120 vendor relationships to manage. Each relationship requires an average of 8-12 hours per year to manage. Our company lookup system helps companies automate up to 80 percent of this work.

Company Lookup

Expedite vendor due diligence by using our report card system to look up details about your vendors' data privacy practices to get a better understanding of the risk associated with your data ecosystem.


Update and manage your report card so others don't have to contact you about updates as often. Get insights and guidance on how to improve.

Risk API

We've benchmarked the internet. You have ideas on how you want to use it. Use our REST API to integrate our risk index into your platform today.