What is it?

DataGrade is a risk intelligence platform focused on aggregating, organizing and understanding signals of data privacy risk associated with sharing data across the internet, especially between businesses.

What does it do?

DataGrade increases efficiency of the work required to discover, assess, and remedy data privacy risk that comes with sharing data by automating vendor due diligence and providing operations support.

Who does it help?

DataGrade serves companies of all sizes and needs but we've found our platform to be most valuable to data privacy consultants and firms who are providing services to SMB and mid-market enterprise.
Risk Analysis

What Do We Analyze?

Operate your organization with greater confidence and agility, let us handle the tedious, complex discovery work.

Broker Registeries
Corporate Info
Data Breaches
Data Centers
Data Points
Fines & Actions
Global Benchmarks
Industry Benchmarks
News & Media
Policies & Notices
Third Party Access
User Complaints
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What's Your DataGrade?

DataGrade's risk intelligence comes in a report card format, making the information simple to use, and simple to understand. This report provides organizations with visibility into risks they might not even know exist. Get a free one-time PDF report of one of your vendors' privacy posture today.

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Product Overview

Make Decisions Faster, Scale Your Operations, Increase Value

Leverage DataGrade's risk intelligence platform and AI-assisted workflows to increase efficiency and effectiveness today.

Third-Party Risk

Expedite vendor due diligence by using our report card system to look up details about your vendors' data privacy practices to get a better understanding of the risk associated with your data ecosystem.

Privacy Co-Pilot

Augment and automate the most complex and tedious tasks your firm deals with every day. Enable your firm to manage higher volumes of work and increase top line opportunity.

Risk API

We've benchmarked the internet. You have ideas on how you want to use it. Our REST API can be used to integrate our risk index into your platform today.