Focus on Innovation Rather Than Documentation

DataGrade helps companies turn their legally required data protection operations into a strategic value center by automating technical documentation and providing operational guidance to fill existing gaps

  • 1. Reduce expensive, time-consuming manual labor required to map and document data operations by 60-80 percent
  • 2. Leverage your DataGrade to quantitatively measure the success of your company's data protection investments
  • 3. Operationalize insights to improve organizational agility and effectiveness, increase literacy, and reduce risk

What is it?

DataGrade is a data supply chain assessment tool that helps companies derive strategic value from their legally required data protection operations, making them a value-add rather than a cost center.

What does it do?

DataGrade auto-generates mission critical data protection and compliance documentation that can be used to provide operational guidance, employee education and organization-wide value.

Who does it help?

DataGrade can serve companies of all sizes but we've found it especially valuable for companies with 50-500 employees in a range of $20-250M ARR. Our manual package is great for startups and emerging tech.
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Structural integrity testing

Subprocessor Ecosystem Mapping & Downstream Risk Analysis

Assess the structural integrity of your data supply chain by autogenerating a report about all downstream third-parties with access to company and customer data. This report maps where data starts and ends, what happens in between and what you can do to improve the operations.

Data Inventory Mapping

Automated Data Inventory Mapping, Classification, and Documentation

By authenticating into owned DBs and listing off-the-shelf software solutions our tool is capable of reading and mapping the database schema while ignoring all individual data points. We do not collect or process any data in your databases, we simply map the schemas and provide risk-based guidance.

Quantitative Analysis

Build A Business Case

Turn your privacy and data protection operations into a quantitative metric your company can use to discuss the most efficient and effective ways to allocate capital and track the success of operational investments over time.

GUidance Engine

Automated Analysis and Optimization

Finding alternative, privacy-protecting service providers and switching your operations is time consuming and labor intensive.  Our operational guidance engine provides companies the ability to quickly identify alternatives and assess how the service(s) would impact their company’s overall risk profile.

What's The Value?

Focus On Strategy

The documentation process required to map data inventories, create a record of processing activities, assess downstream subprocessor risk historically required large amounts of manual labor from high-cost personnel. DataGrade allows companies to automate the large majority of this work so companies can focus on strategy rather than documentation.

Why DataGrade?

Send Better Signals

Displaying your DataGrade on your site helps customers, regulators, and potential partners quickly assess their desire to use your services.

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Continuous Engagement

Make Privacy Accessible Across The Entire Organization

Privacy is a hurdle because its often left to legal, info-security and engineering teams. DataGrade changes this paradigm by making the outcomes of your assessments something everyone across the organization is capable of understanding and leveraging to make your entire organization more agile.

We help companies reduce risk in their data supply chain through assessment, analysis and risk-based operational guidance
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