Industry Grade

Grades are common rating systems across industries that help the average consumer understand in a matter of seconds what the professionals in the field have learned over the course of years, sometimes decades, of practical experience.
  • Steel grades are used to distinguish different types of steel based on their unique type and elemental structure, including both alloy and carbon concentration.
  • Beef is graded in two ways: quality grades for tenderness, juiciness and flavor; and yield grades for the amount of usable lean meat on the carcass.
  • Diamond grades are a standardized system of testing and evaluating the quality of a diamond, commonly referring to color, clarity, cut quality, and carat weight.

What's a DataGrade?

A DataGrade is a score that examines the relational risk between data transactions online. This includes but is not limited to:
  • Where does the data come from and how was it acquired or otherwise aggregated
  • How is it used by the company and what do they do to protect it while in possession
  • What internal or external parties have access, where does the data go and how is it used from there
Our database contains corporate information, enforcement actions, historical data breaches, consumer complaints, media reports, and other contextual measures that allow us to summarize and benchmark the risk any one organization poses to its vendors, customers, and other stakeholders.

Our framework for analysis is based in ESG to help companies operate above and beyond minimum viable compliance. The purpose of our analysis is to help decision-makers identify opportunities and manage the risks of doing business with others, while simultaneously helping consumers manage their risk online.

We operate within a stakeholder capitalism model and believe that greater transparency, more informed decisions, and fair access to verifiable, fact-checked information opens the door to shared progress.

Our grade ensures consumers have a simpler way to understand the tools they use every day, companies have a standardized industry measure to benchmark against, and governments have a simple way to ensure the industry operates with integrity without needing to generate new, prescriptive laws that are incapable of keeping up with the pace of industry.