Data Integrity Action Plan

Despite what we've been told for more than a decade, populations around the globe are now beginning to realize what they've been nudged into: We are in the midst of an integrity crisis on the Internet, and it's structural in nature.

DataGradeTM works to ensure the integrity of data transactions on the internet through assessment, education, and operational guidance. Our purpose is to provide trusted insights and standards that help decision-makers act with confidence.

As a Public Benefit Corporation, it is our mission to increase data literacy through our actions. By increasing awareness, arming consumers with knowledge, and empowering people to advocate for themselves we believe we can help industry avoid strict regulatory actions that may otherwise harm innovation.

As literacy increases around the world we are confident a new wave of innovation based in data integrity will swallow the old world of technology. This is the only path we see forward.

Decade Action Plan, 2020

Towards Structural Integrity

Changing the structure of the internet is a multi-generational mission we've decided to embark upon, so where do we start? This decade's work will be focused on moralizing technology and bringing literacy to the masses.

  • 1. Moralize the issues surrounding technology so that everyone understands enough to have an opinion and participate
  • 2. Increase literacy amongst consumers so they can protect their families and increase trust
  • 3. Increase literacy within companies so they can operate more efficiently and with greater agility
  • 4. Increase literacy within the workforce to ensure it is filled with professionals ready to protect the internet
  • 5. Increase literacy within the government to drive enforceable change that still allows for profitable innovation

How do we plan to do this? Check out our Giving Pledge to learn more about what we're doing to create systemic change.