Giving Pledge

If you look up the definition of integrity, you get a few answers that generally fall in the line of: the condition of being unified, unimpaired, or sound in construction; internal consistency; lack of corruption. From a data security perspective, data integrity is a term that refers to the overall accuracy, completeness, and consistency of data.

Our purpose is to ensure the integrity of the internet through assessment and education.

Integrity on the internet is an ecosystem problem and it needs to be resolved systemically, but DataGrade alone can not be responsible for this change. Nor should it attempt to be, if we want to actually achieve our goals. DataGrade's job is to focus on what we do best—corporate assessment and education—while we leave the rest to organizations that are already making an impact in other areas of the ecosystem.
  • Many B-Corps give to 1% for the Planet but since we're focusing on the digital environment, we've decide to donate one (1) percent of all revenues to data literacy initiatives around the world.

    Organizations we give to are working to increase individual data literacy for the general public, help kids get and create the jobs of the future, and retrain the workforce that has been lost in this transition from physical to knowledge labor.
  • We recognize that data protection can be expensive. However, it's even more expensive when privacy is retroactively implemented. That's why for every company that certifies through DataGrade we donate one year of free assessment to a startup or non-profit in need.

    The company that purchases has the right to choose where the donation goes, and if they don't decide within thirty (30) days of onboarding then we hold the offer for companies that apply for our scholarship program.
We give back to create generational impact and prosperity. We see this as a long term investment. We believe giving in this way will create a population and corporate environment that understands, and is better capable of advocating for, the work we're doing to ensure integrity on the internet.